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InterContinental Miami Staff Picks

  • dragon at chinese lantern festival

    Celebrate the Holidays with a Real Chinese Lantern Festival

    广西快乐十分December 02

    If you thought you had to leave Miami to find a unique way to celebrate the holidays, think again. This year, Jungle Island is proud to present a real Chinese Lantern Festival that is sure to be the most remarkable day of the season.

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  • basketball and hoop

    Maximum Entertainment at the American Airlines Arena

    广西快乐十分November 04

    A nice stroll around town is always fun, but some nights you want to experience a roaring crowd and an exciting live performance. In Miami, the best place for live entertainment is the American Airlines Arena, and you’re sure to find something exciting going on every week.

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  • halloween party

    Hallowyn Block Party in Wynwood

    October 07

    广西快乐十分On October 31, when the sun goes down, Miami will be transformed into one giant, spooky party. While there are many places to enjoy the festivities, Hallowyn at the Wynwood Marketplace is one you won’t want to miss.

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  • group of friends on boat

    See a New Side of Miami with Island Queen Cruises and Tours

    September 02

    广西快乐十分Bayside marketplace is an amazing destination for a taste of Miami. Dozens of restaurants and shops line the streets and you’re always sure to find a large crowd taking in the sunshine and good vibes. One of the most exciting features of Bayside is the Island Queen.

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  • day market festival

    Daily Dose of Food and Wine Festival

    August 05

    Who doesn’t love an excuse to take over the streets and party the day away with samples from dozens of local restaurants and other eateries? If that thought caught your attention, then mark your calendars and leave August 17 open because The Coconut Grove Food and Wine Festival is back and better than ever.

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  • miami vizcaya museum

    Vizcaya Museum and Gardens: a Glimpse into the Past

    July 01

    广西快乐十分Miami has become a sprawling center with its own unique culture permeating out of every street corner. With such a rich history, it can sometimes be hard to imagine how earlier settlers lived and shaped the land. 

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  • friends on tour bus

    Explore Miami in Style

    June 03

    Miami is the perfect city to explore. There are tons of activities, unique buildings, and cool shops everywhere. However, it’s also big - really big. Throw in the giant amount of diverse history oozing from every corner and it can seem kind of overwhelming to get the full Miami experience. 

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  • miami bayside marketplace

    Relax at the Bayside Marketplace

    May 06

    广西快乐十分Nothing says Miami like a little waterfront shopping, dining, and adventuring. Whether you want to grab a drink and relax, browse some new sun-wear, or take a Miami tour, Bayside Marketplace will be your one-stop shop in Downtown Miami.

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  • planetarium

    Enter a Whole New World at the Frost Museum of Science

    April 01

    In 2015, one of Miami’s greatest hubs of curiosity closed its doors. However, there’s no need to mourn as this closure was more of a massive renovation and relocation. 

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  • freedom tower in Miami

    Freedom Tower:
    The Ellis Island of the South

    March 04

    You may have seen it on a Miami Heat broadcast — sprouting up from Biscayne Boulevard, bathed in rich, colorful lights. However, this building is more than an architectural curiosity; it’s a piece of history, unique among the city’s dazzling glass landscape.

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